Bit Min Bot Game
Bit Min Bot Game

Bit Min Bot a strategy puzzle Game
Game play:
When Markus and Elin came and asked if I wanted to join and make a game together for the portfolio, I could not resist.
I made 3 robots, the proffessor and the spaceship from concept to finshed production.
I also made the tileble space sky and the logo for the game.
I worked on this project for approximately 4 weeks.
For me it was important that the visuals was fun and colorful.
I had Disney robots and the game Machinarium as references and the game play reference was pikmin.
For the presentation I assembled everything in Unreal

Level design:

More artwork
Lisa lofgren lisa lofgren introLisa lofgren lisa lofgren intro2 kopieraLisa lofgren lisa lofgren intro